It’s only been a few hours since you left, but I have to write to say THANK YOU for your tremendous help today. The change in Bogey already has been dramatic. He’s currently sleeping peacefully in his crate, and when I led him in this time, he sat patiently while I took off his collar, allowed me to close the door, and didn’t let out a single whine when I walked away. I was shocked!
This was after a nice long walk that he and I took together, which in itself was fantastic because of the new collar. He still pulled a little at times and did his stop-and-go routine, but overall he was far easier to walk. A couple people actually commented how good of a dog he was!As I’m writing, Greg just returned home and asked Bogey to come out, and after he came out, he wanted to go right back in and he’s continuing to nap! Thank you for spending so much time with us today. Your advice, insight, instruction, and patience are greatly appreciated!

I’ll keep you updated with what will hopefully be swift and continued progress!

It was great meeting you and Ruby today — thank you again!!

Very appreciatively,

Christine, Greg, and Bogey the semi(/almost?)-crate-trained Vizsla :)

and then a week later……

Thank you for ALL of your help. Between your training and his new diet [they switched to K-9 Kraving], we feel like we have a new dog. We loved the old Bogey, but it’s amazing how much he has changed for the better just since Sunday. We really cannot thank you enough.

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