Charm School for Dogs

Charm School for Dogs

No time to train your dog? I can help!

Charm School for Dogs

When you don’t have time or desire to train your dog + would rather have a professional do the work.

combination of day training + private lessons for dogs 4 months + older

Charm School is an expedited training program for dogs who need to learn better manners and important life skills. It’s an exclusive program meaning I only take one dog at a time, occasionally two, so I can completely focus on your dog’s education.

This means your dog comes to school every day, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, at my home training studio in Canton. Your dog will get on-leash potty breaks and training walks throughout the day. In between sessions we’ll use a crate to rest and process all the things s/he is learning. Crate rest is an important part of your dog’s success. I will give you specific manageable homework every evening and teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog.

During this private school program I get your dog started dog on the core skills and behaviors. Then I teach you how to maintain and reinforce the training plus solve problems at home.

The core skill set is taught using marker training and a remote training collar. The skills include: YES!, Let’s Go for loose leash walking, Come, Wait, OFF, Place.

[OFF means move your feet, your mouth, your intentions away from something. This is effective for behaviors such as jumping, play biting, counter-surfing etc.]

Fee: starts at $2500

prerequisite: In-person Behavior Consultation

Contact me here for more information about Charm School.

Follow progress of recent Charm School students on our FB page here.

Lucy Goose the goldendoodle - distraction training

Charm School socialization session with Eve and Ruby

Charm School distractions with Otis - leaf blower

Typical training session - loose leash walking with Otis

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